Kosoglou SA has been active for 30 years in the field of earthworks, infrastructure and road construction with experience and guarantees regarding the completion of the work it undertakes.

The company has collaborated with Municipalities and Communities for major earthworks such as the opening of the provincial road Krotos - Tripiti - Vasiliki of the community of Miamos, the road network in Asimi for the Municipality of Kofina, the provincial road before and after the cemetery of Kastelli in the community of Kastel and a number of earthworks and leveling of real estate for installations of photovoltaic systems and greenhouses on a large scale as well as a number of other works for which, if requested, it can certify.

Besides, Kosoglou SA is equipped with personnel and fleet of machines for the execution of technical projects in order to offer a project and consequently participation in major infrastructure projects not only within the Prefecture of Heraklion but at a wider level of the Region with the possibility of moving nationally or even abroad as there is a network of partners but also subsidiaries based in Bulgaria, Germany and Cyprus.

It has a fleet of machinery for earthworks. The fleet is constantly renewed and expanded, always in line with technological development. See our fleet here