Nikolaos Kosoglou

President & CEO

At a very young age I realized that I had the ability to travel the world to gain knowledge in order to achieve many things in my life.

The year 1975 at the age of 14 and since there was no financial means in my family I decided to become a sailor to be able to travel the world and achieve my dream. I pressured my father and he signed my naval booklet in order to work on the Heraklion­ Piraeus inland line. But I broke my promise and joined the international merchant fleet. I traveled to several countries of the world and I was given the opportunities I was looking to explore the world and formed my own business plans. I visited the biggest cities in the world on all continents, I met interesting personalities like even the wonderful Greek singer from New Orleans called Elenara in the Greek bouzouki shop called Scorpio. I helped poor and suffering people, such as e.g. in the port of Ghana in Africa where during my 17 days I was distributing food to the natives who lived on the ships coming to the port.

After several years and experiences that I gained during these voyages, I also had the experience of the shipwreck in the year 1977 of the ship Beta Si of 16,000 tons, property of Mr. Vasilatou whom I worked for. My father did not want me to continue and I respected his wish and stopped in 1978. In order to escape and to feel safe my father took care to marry me at the age of 17 and from this marriage I had 4 children who are active members of my business. Besides, I had gained countless experiences and I had learned several things that provided me with the supplies to start my own business.

In 1980, I started my business activity of establishing and operating a Gas Station and trading of Lubricants and agricultural machinery in Asimi, Heraklion, with very good results. After seeing that I was able to further develop my business plan, in the year 1998 I thought of proceeding with the Establishment of KOSOGLOU SA. and in my relocation to Heraklion, Crete.

My business plan was to develop more innovative activities from the experience that i acquired  from  abroad,  such  as the  creation  of  a multi-space operation gas station, lubrication station, parking of heavy vehicles, catering and entertainment at the same time. I found the right area and initially rented a plot of land in Giofyro where I tried to get an interconnection permit for 4 years and I did not succeed. Then I proceed ed to rent another plot of about 11 acres in the area of Giannouli in addition to the 6th km of Heraklion-Miron , I tried again to get an interconnection license for 3 years but again I did not succeed while other businessmen in the area were even licensed.Then I decided to sell my business to Asimi and in the year 2005 I proceeded to lease an area of 13,000 sq.m. about at 9 ° Kilometer of EO. Heraklion-Miron, area of Athanaton, ideal for the installation of my works. With the help of specialized collaborators, I proceeded to the preparation of a project file and the competent engineer started the process of the relevant  licensing. One of these permits  concerned the traffic connection of the area with the National Road and required the removal of the pylons and low and medium voltage power cables of the PPC from the entrance to avoid an accident.

In May 2005 I verbally addressed my request to PPC, I also told the department head Mr. Vardoulakis to submit a written request as well as to present the study of the project and he reassured me that he does not need it as we have already spoken about that. In June, July, August and the beginning of November, I visited PPC 10-12 times and two or three times I told Mr. Vardoulakis to submit a written request and even to bear the cost, he told me " " leave and do your job until the pillars are removed, you still need to do a lot of work, it is our obligation to transfer the network if they interfere as well as the cost of the project, get my mobile number, if you need something to call me". I was worried and in a hurry and then I did not realize his willingness to give me his phone number and later, as some of my acquaintances who work at PPC informed me, I realized that he wanted some kind of exchange and if I had understood I would have given it in order to avoid what followed.

In August, a PPC employee, Mr. Papadopoulos Thomas, and his colleague visited the site, and left and at the beginning of September they came again and put 5 red sticks in the places where the pillars will be moved, when I asked them for the project order, they answered .

In November of the same year, specifically at the 17th, an accident occurred within the leased area of the project because a passing truck entered the area arbitrarily and proceeded to throw rubble, during its removal the driver forgot to lower the body because he was talking on his mobile phone resulting in the truck touching the power lines and the driver being electrocuted, fortunately non­ lethally. The driver himself - unknown to me - stated that he entered my private space arbitrarily and that with his own carelessness because he was talking on his cell phone while unloading and heading to the exit with the body upright, the accident took place, fortunately not a fatal one.

Since then I filled a lawsuit against PPC, the Director and the employees who were involved in the project execution order number 650 and in their panic distorted I falsified the documents related to my project regarding the dates, the protocol numbers in order to show that I addressed them after the 17th of November, the day of the accident. After the accident I understood why they did not hand over PPC documents to me while I was asking for them as well as why Mr. Vardoulakis did not allow me to submit a written request to remove the poles. Because the network of the area was problematic since 10 years ago when the road was widen in order for the National Road to be constructed. I hired 4 expert graphologists and one from the Greek State who confirmed the forgery of the documents.. Νοεμβρίου , ημέρα ατυχήματος.Μετά το ατύχημα αυτό κατάλαβα για ποιό λόγο η ΔΕΗ δεν μου παρέδιδε έγγραφα ενώ τα ζητούσα όπως επίσης και γιατί ο κ.Βαρδουλάκης δεν μου επέτρεψε να υποβάλλω γραπτό αίτημα για την απομάκρυνση των στύλων ,ακόμη και επειδή ήταν προβληματικό το δίκτυο της περιοχής πριν απο δεκαετίας, δηλαδή απο το 1995 έως το 1998 που διενεργήθηκε η διαπλάτυνση της Εθνικής Οδού. Προσέλαβα τέσσερις ειδικούς πραγματογνώμονες γραφολόγους και έναν το ελληνικό δημόσιο οι οποίοι επιβεβαίωσαν την πλαστογραφία των εγγράφων.

I have addressed the Greek judiciary through worthy lawyers with a single request to be brought to justice, to accuse these public officials of presenting false evidence in order to prove their innocence and to compensate them if the decision against me turns out, but they did not do so. This history made me suspect of conflicting interests and forced me to find the most worthy Greek and foreign lawyers and to resort to the institution of the UN Court of Human Rights. I did it and I am waiting for its decision soon. Regarding the procedure before the civil court whose compensation according to my study amounts to 16 million euros, the case is under examination before the Supreme Court. If I am not entitled I will appeal to the UN Court of Human Rights.

I close with this short and concise biography because if I record all the facts in detail, believe me, a twelve-volume encyclopedia-book must be published, which I will publish at some point in my life.





Thank you


Kosoglou SA has been active for 30 years in the field of earthworks, infrastructure and road construction.

It is also active in the field of purchase and sale of earthmoving machinery and has been involved in the replacement or sale of used heavy machinery for over 30 years. Our company has many partners and a very large network in the field of heavy vehicles.

The company Kosoglou SA is active for a long time in the field of Property Management and undertakes any kind of professional agreement concerning your Property whether it is a plot or a plot of land inside or outside the plan. Sale, Rent, Lease of any property regardless of location or building factor and may optionally include buildings with residential use, tourist or hotel installation.


Machinery Fleet


Kosoglou SA is equipped with personnel and fleet of machines for the execution of technical projects in order to offer a project and consequently participation in major infrastructure projects not just within the Prefecture of Heraklion but at a wider level of the Region.

There is also the possibility of moving nationally or even abroad as there is a network of partners and subsidiaries based in Bulgaria, Germany and Cyprus


The Company KOSOGLOU SA It is staffed by graduate associates with experience on the project and guarantees the documented knowledge but also the possession of the relevant licenses and degrees for all the people who are its staff.

Our work force includes:

  • Mavrakis Stylianos, graduate Surveyor Engineer NTUA.
  • Mavrakis Alexandros, graduate of Civil Engineering, NTUA.
  • Grigorios and Konstantinos Angelakis, accounting company.
  • Kormazos Apostolos, graduate Foreman I Mechanical Design Designer specializing in the repair and maintenance of construction machinery.
  • Kosoglou Emmanouil, graduate Train Driver I Operator of Machinery for Execution of Technical Works.
  • Other Drivers, Operators and Support Staff.


See the balance sheets of our company here.