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The company Kosoglou SA since 2018 operates in the field of tourism with its own fleet consisting of buses, vans and rental cars. We undertake any kind of pre-arr anged excursion or transfer to groups by arrangement. We are also active in leasing or purchasing small or large hotel units in Greece and abroad.

Since 2019 our company started the licensing for the construction of a multi-theme park in Crete which will be built on an area of 1000 acres and will give a huge breath to the local community as it will offer jobs for over 400 people. In addition, it will offer a complete entertainment solution for young and old as it will offer a variety of activities free of charge, and only with an entrance ticket.

Theme Park

This amusement theme park will provide a wide range of entertainment services to visitors, everything will be organized around a set of themes alway s aiming at the fields of entertainment, spectacle, history, local historical traditi on, local economic history, mythology, tradition, contemporary fiction, literature, cinema, arts, culture in general, science, technology, but also ecology.
The architecture, outdoor and indoor design, will be distinguished by high aesthetic and cultural quality will be environmentally friendly and will be associated with all the themes of the park. In its facilities the amusement theme park will include building constructions, outdoor facilities and outdoor equipment, free space configurations , infrastructure networks, visitor service facilities, auxiliary facilities and free spaces.
The spaces and facilities that will be the attractions of visitors of the theme park will be indicative: exhibition spaces, interactive spaces (virtual reality places), screening spaces, performance spaces, thematically designed outdoor spaces, outdoor amphitheaters, special routes with transport vehicles , lifts, aquariums, water recreation facilities, etc.
The establishment of the theme park will be done in combination with a main five-star category hotel accommodation, medical care area as well as in combination with construction of swimming pools, organization and operation of a zoo, establishment of a shopping center, construction of playgrounds, construction and operation of scattered restaurants, coffee bars, cafes, entertainment and leisure centers, organization and operation of cultural venues, organization and operation of venues for various other events (cultural, conference, concert, etc.), construction of sports facilities, special routes with light transport vehicles or , free spaces, green spaces, water surfaces and finally organization and operation of a traditional village (village of Santa Claus).
Accompanying buildings will be located in the theme park, which will aim at its safe and exemplary operation and will be related to low nuisance units, ie desalination and water bottling unit, modem and environmentally friendly olive mill unit with olive oil standardization unit and storage units. and preservation of fresh products, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Appropriate spatial planning will be done so that the Amusement Theme Park with its building facilities and outdoor constructions will be harmoniously integrated into the landscape and does not cause aesthetic nuisance in the surrounding area. Also, public service facilities will be organized, such as reception - information areas, administration facilities, such as management offices, accounting, security offices, staff space, ancillary facilities, such as warehouses, maintenance workshops, engine rooms, pumping stations.
The allocation of land can meet the requirements of a set of entertainment services, aimed at a significant number and a wide range of interests of visitors.
The park will be able to offer a variety of attractions with remarkable elements of interest with their appropriate composition based on more than one distinct characteristic themes.
The possibility of recreational activities of the public will take place both outdoors and indoors and there will be free movement between the individual attractions. The traffic service by public or private means as well as the provision of adequate and suitable parking spaces will be done through a secure traffic connection of the park with the surrounding road network of the area.
The operation of the amusement theme park will be continuous throughout the year , due to the nature of the park and the local prevailing weather conditions, seeking the widest possible utilization of the investment, even outside the tourist season, by the local population.

Download the file Diagram-Coverege-PP.pdf

Also download the  Complete Feasibility Study of the Park or its Summary .

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23-Seater Mercedes Sprinter Tourist Bus

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